Faythe's story

Who's Faythe?

Why did I start playing this game? I started playing so I could understand what it was about. I needed to know what was going on and how to help solve the problems that my two youngest children encountered.

When did I start playing this game? I started playing this game in 2010 - so compared to some of the veteran players in Immortal Ascension, I am very inexperienced. My children bugged me endlessly about playing this game, they had created characters on their cousins' games. Eventually, I bought the game for them to play, especially for my two youngest children who were struggling with reading and writing.

Did the reading and writing thing work? Yes. For my son, playing the game meant he had to learn to read the text of quests and when he needed help I had him type to me in party chat. We played the game in different rooms of the house. My son's reading was at the level of a 10-year old when he was 12; within six months of playing the game he had caught up and was able to read and write (type) text in reasonable sentences at the level of a typical 12 year old.

Why am I still playing? I have met a lot of really talented, worthwhile, amazing and interesting people in the last five years. Having become a Guild Master of a moderately successful raiding guild has been challenging; and I have enjoyed the challenge of the guild and of the end-game raiding content. I have come to value and enjoy the company of my online friends. I hate television and cannot stand watching advertisements. So I spend my time either working, talking to my family, cooking, going out to see movies at the cinema or playing WoW (my own private cartoon). It is funny, but when my kids explain to their friends that their mum is a Guild Master of a raiding guild in WoW; their friends all want to come and live with us. Apparently their parents aren't as interested ... nor as interesting.

My main characters? Faythe is my second character in the game, my first is the Destruction Warlock Korel (she's in the guild too). Faythe was nearly deleted at levels 22, 35 and again escaped deletion at about 76. Being a healer, Faythe became my ticket into raiding. Currently, I want to have a character for every healing class.

What is my WoW history? I started playing Korel (Affliction Warlock) and vividly remember marvelling at the pre-cata environment as I would run around Stormwind, clicking on guards to hear their screaming impatience. Goldshire was fascinating. Westfall was scary and those mechanicals were smashing me to pieces, Korel was level 12 or 13, when I met Waggell, the Guild Master of Fat Dog Project. Who rescued me and effortlessly killed the mechanicals with one shot. He'd pop up every now and then, and as I was struggling in Redridge Mountains, he eventually invited me into his new guild. I leveled my Warlock as Affliction.

As I leveled Korel and the Fat Dog Project guild grew, I rolled a new character, Faythe. Faythe started out as a Holy Priest and has always returned to that class-specialisation. She became the back-up dungeon healer for the guild.

I will finish the story eventually.

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