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Are You Battle Ready?

by <Faythe>, 11 days ago

Emrald has all druid weaponsOn the 29 June, Emrald shared on our Facebook Page - that she had finally finished all the Legion Weapon appearances!

With Battle for Azeroth just around the corner, we have updated our Immortal Ascension website and updated our Raiding Information page.

But ... what do you need to do to complete Legion and get ready?

Blizzard provided some great information about "community resources out there to unlock the Ahead of the Curve achievement, get your Violet Spellwing mount, complete the Mage Tower challenge for that exclusive artifact appearance, and get those Mythic mount drops while they are still guaranteed – and more!"

Some of our allied Guilds are still working through raid content, please shoot Emrald an in-game if you'd like to know who is doing what and when.

Blizzard provided links to two Community Groups for you to visit: Friendship Birb and Perky Pugs to learn more about these communities and to find out how you can sign up for a carry. If you still need it.

Keep tabs on our Immortal Ascension FaceBook group, []as there are plenty of discussions about spec changes, gear changes, weapon changes being held.

Our Immortal Ascension Discord channel is a bit quiet at the moment, as many of our members are quietly working towards having time available for the worldwide simultaneous BFA Launch.

Bizzard and lots of Fansites are providing lots of information about the upcoming expansion and forthcoming changes:

See you in-game across the next few weeks.


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