Raiding is an important aspect of this game and we all want to succeed.

To be a member of the Immortal Ascension CORE RAIDER team and to have your raiding toon moved into the raiding rank, requires you to have: approved, ready, prepared, cooperative, on time, connected, and willing for an average of three out of every four weeks.

Raid participation is recorded, we also do spot checks using Warcraftlogs for statistics and analysis. Please ask the Raid Leader if you would like to log a particular fight for your own analysis.

We are a "soft-core" raiding guild, one who genuinely accepts that real life comes first. We are happy to accommodate holidays, work times, family, and personal circumstances - we just ask that you communicate with the Raid Leader or the Guild Master so that we can work out solutions.

All Immortal Ascension Raiders MUST BE:


All guild members who want to raid must APPLY via an ingame mail to the Raid Leader (Emrald-Gundrak). Your raiding toon must demonstrate raid readiness by meeting all the level and gear requirements BEFORE you apply via ingame mail.

If your raid toon is not ready for raiding, your application will be rejected and you will be encouraged to re-apply - WHEN you are ready to step into the raid.

Please include the following details in the ingame mail application: character name, class, spec, current ilvl, previous raid experience.

It is important to know that even with our small guild all raiding roles are to be deserved and are NOT reserved for anyone.


[Preferably] before the raid event day:

ACCEPT the guild calendar raid event invite.

TENTATIVE, ONLY if you will be there, but may or will arrive late, let the Raid Lead know via in-game mail. It will be up to you to let Raid Lead know when you are online and ready. You will be brought into the group when possible

On the raid event day, be:

ONLINE ready to accept raid invite from 7:50pm

Raid invites will go out to core accepted in the calender before we look for others in guild. We need 1 heals for every 5 people in group.


- GEAR that is fully repaired, gemmed and enchanted. If you are not sure, ask other raid team members via our Discord discussion, or use Raid Bots or similar source etc.

- Gems and enchants are freely available from the Guild's Core Raiders (and their alts)

- Have all weapon empowerments, reroll tokens, food, flasks, pots. There will be no going off mid-raid to do this. You will need to wait for the 6-min raid break or see the sort of penalty you will get under the FAIL list.

- Know your Best in Slot gear and stat priorities. Hint: have them in your phone for quick access - not alt-tabbed.

- Uldir Norm 340 ilvl min

- Uldir Heroic 355 ilvl min



In BfA, you are to be a cooperative member of the raid TEAM, not a Solo Star. You don't need to be BFFs with everyone, but you do need to be a reliable member for dungeon runs, farming, questing and completing challenges and achievements together. You can build this team cohesion through the following in-game activities:


You are required to contribute regularly (weekly) to the accumulation of raid consumables, such as:

- flasks, potions, food, enchants and gems or materials for those items (deposit them into Guild Bank tabs 3 to 7) across the week, and


Being trusted by members of the team, not to be THE star performer, but to do your best and learn from mistakes. This also means being responsible, for example on time, ready, prepared. Things like, having collected your two bonus roll items before you rock up

On Time:

- 15 minute grace / then replace

- Replacements will be PUG'd from suitable players known to the raid group first


- on Discord to hear raid instructions, and preferrably with a working microphone, so you can contribute to the discussion.

- have the following addons (minimum):

- Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs,

- GTFO, Details or Skada or Recount,

- Exorsus Raid Tools


- to wipe multiple times without complaint. This is a part of progression :)

- to accept constructive gameplay and class/spec advice

- (to accept Loot Rules.)

FAIL to meet Requirements?

1. Fail to turn up ON TIME or LATE returning from break = chance to miss boss kills

2. Fail to sign up = chance to not get invited

3. Fail to help normal farming raids = no loot on the next heroic raid you attend with IA

4. Fail to help on progression regularly (3 out of 4) = sit out the next farm night

5. Fail to keep up to date with content (weapon empowerment, gear upgrade, etc) = sit out of raid until you catch up

6. Fail to contribute to raid materials = sit out to farm mats until you contribute. Mats include: herbs, food (meat, fish), enchanting, and gems



BfA brings Personal Loot for ALL instances. We expect that this RNG may be too Random [and] Not Good. We will use Personal Loot, until we work out a fairer TEAM oriented approach.

As always, some loot seems to be a very vexatious issue for our members, we see that this is usually due to so many players all chasing the same items. The council has agreed that when we commence BfA Raiding, we will be using the  improved Personal Loot System. We will be inventing a variation of Master Loot, as a group. Then,  you will be expected to comply with that variation of Master Loot.

All raiders are expected to know their specialisation requirements/Best in Slots and are only to roll on gear that will be improve their current item level, quality or statistics. Where a raider does not require, that raider will indicate their PASS by saying so in raid chat.




- The Master Looter will call for a roll in the following cascade: Main > Regularly Utilised Off > DE.

-Procced non tier items will roll in the following cascade: Main dont have the item > Main for proc > OS

- The DE materials will be returned to the Enchanter who is owed materials for past enchants or deposited, by the Enchanter, into the Guild Bank TAB 6 for use in future enchants.

Tier Tokens.

- The Master Looter will call for a roll in the following cascade: Core Need > Non-core Need > Procs

- The item must be equipped immediately.


- If you loot a BoE congrats its yours.

- Highly encouraged, but not enforced, that if you dont need it to offer to other guild raiders :)


- All present raiders may roll, highest roll wins. )


We recruit for a raider teams for normal/heroic raids from all eligible players from our guild membership, then we PUG from friend-lists, then we PUG from everywhere else. The names listed below are considered to be a part of our core team.

Raid Leader: Emrald

Deputy Raid Leader: Anen

Days: Friday / Saturday

Times: 5:50pm (WA) / 7:50pm (NSW) / 9:50pm (NZ)


Tanks:  Winning (Protection Paladin), Anen (Vengence Demon Hunter)

Heals: Damilah-Frostmourne (Restoration Shaman), Rimmer (Restoration Druid),Gorejitsu (Mistweaver Monk), Faythe (Holy Priest)

Melee: Emrald (Feral Druid), Wrighty (Fury Warrior), Edgelorde (Havoc Demon Hunter), Stagged (Windwalker Monk), Tiggerstripe (Feral Druid), Parsnip (Assassination Rogue)

Ranged: Vaeloriyeth-Nagrand (Marksman Hunter), Pinkfink (Destruction Warlock), Silentkiller (Marksman Hunter), Chutnie (Arcane Mage),  Ñáth (Destruction Warlock), Vindarius (Balance Druid)

Currently Away:

Standby (to cover those "Real Life" moments)

Tanks:  Emrald (Guardian Druid)

Heals: Stagged (Mistweaver Monk), Vindarius (Restoration Druid)

Melee: Winning (Retribution Paladin), Anen (Havoc Demon Hunter)


Applications for membership of a raid group are to be made via whisper or mail in-game, or contact Emrald (Raid Leader) or Anen (Deputy Raid Lead).

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