Raiding is an important aspect of this game and we all want to succeed.

To be a member of the Immortal Ascension CORE RAIDER team and to be promoted to the rank of Vanquisher, requires you to be ready, on time, connected and willing for an average of three out of every four weeks.

Raid participation is recorded, we also do spot checks using Warcraftlogs for statistics and analysis. Please ask the Raid Leader if you would like to log a particular fight for your own analysis.

We are a "soft-core" raiding guild, one who genuinely accepts that real life comes first. We are happy to accommodate holidays, work times, family, and personal circumstances - we just ask that you communicate with the Raid Commander or the Guild Master so that we can work out solutions.

All Immortal Ascension Raiders MUST BE:


All guild members who want to raid must APPLY via an ingame mail to the Raid Commander (Emrald-Gundrak).

Please include in the mail (characer name, class, spec, current ilvl, raid experience)

It is important to know that even with our small guild all Vanquisher (Raiding) roles are to be deserved and are NOT reserved for anyone.

All raid changes for legion and the questions to answer can be found in this document: Immortal Ascension Legion Vanquisher Information (Google Docs)

This document is three pages and holds all the important information that you need to know.


ACCEPTED on the guild calendar raid event.

- Preferably before the day of the event please :)

- If you will be there but may or will arrive late, ACCEPT and tell or in-game mail the Raid Leader or the GM and you will be brought into the raid-group when it is possible.

 - Raid invites will go out to core accepted in the calender before we look for others in guild. We need 1 heals for every 5 people in group.


- GEAR that is fully repaired, gemmed and enchanted (use Ask Mr Robot). Gems and enchants are freely available from the Guild's Core Raiders (and their alts)

- The Tomb of Sargeras Normal: 890 ilvl DPS NEED to pull 500k DPS for Demonic Inquisition

- The Tomb of Sargeras Heroic: 910 ilvl (Avatar Dps min 700k)

- Antorus Norm: 920 ilvl

- Antorus Heroic: 935 ilvl (900k-1mil Dps)




- having contributed to the accumulation of raid consumables, such as flasks, potions, food, enchants and gems or materials for those items (deposit them into Guild Bank tabs 3 to 7) across the week and collected your three bonus rolls before you rock up

- AWARE of the mechanics of each fight, the raider should have read up on the normal/heroic strats and watched videos (fatboss, Line of sight etc). For heroic the raider SHOULD have done the normal version of the fight. For mythic the raider WILL have done the heroic version of the fight.

On Time:

- 15 minute grace / then replace

- Replacements will be PUG'd from suitable players known to the raid group first


- on Discord to hear raid instructions (preferrably with a working microphone - so you can contribute)

- have the following addons (minimum): Deadly Boss Mods or, Bigwigs, GTFO, Details or Skada or Recount, (Exorsus Raid Tools)


- to wipe multiple times without complaint. This is a part of progression :)

- to accept constructive gameplay and class/spec advice

 - to accept Loot Rules.

Failure to meet Requirements:

- Late to raid/Late returning from break = chance to miss boss kills

- Failure to sign up = chance to not get invites

 - Fail to help normal farm = no loot on the next heroic raid you attend

- Fail to help on progression regularly = sit out the next farm night

- Not up to date with content (weapon empowerment, gear upgrade, etc) = sit out of raid until you catch up

 - Not contributing to raid materials = sit out to farm mats until you contribute.

Mats include herbs, food (meat, fish), enchanting, gems


We use Personal Loot for the first 2 weeks then Master Loot


As always, some loot seems to be a very vexatious issue for our members, we see that this is usually due to so many players all chasing the same items. The council has agreed that when we commence Legion Raiding, we will be using the vastly improved Personal Loot System. Then after a few weeks swap to Master Loot. This is to limit teir going to the same class who cant pass it on.

All raiders are expected to know their specialisation requirements/Best in Slots and are only to roll on gear that will be improve their current item level, quality or statistics. Where a raider does not require, that raider will indicate their PASS by saying so in raid chat.



- The Master Looter will call for a roll in the following cascade: Main > Regularly Utilised Off > DE.

-Procced non tier items will roll in the following cascade: Main dont have the item > Main for proc > OS

- The DE materials will be returned to the Enchanter who is owed materials for past enchants or deposited, by the Enchanter, into the Guild Bank TAB 6 for use in future enchants.

Tier Tokens.

- The Master Looter will call for a roll in the following cascade: Core Need > Non-core Need > Procs

- The item must be equipped immediately.


- If you loot a BoE congrats its yours.

- Highly encouraged but not enforced that if you dont need it to offer to other guild raiders :)


- All present raiders may roll, highest roll wins.


We recruit for a raider teams for normal/heroic raids from all eligible players from our guild membership, then we PUG from friend-lists, then we PUG from everywhere else. The names listed below are considered to be a part of our core team.

Raid Leader: Emrald

Deputy Raid Leader: Kalorie

Days: Friday / Saturday

Times: 5:50pm (WA) / 7:50pm (NSW) / 9:50pm (NZ)


Tanks:  Anen (Vengence Demon Hunter),

Heals: Rimmer (Restoration Druid), Faythe (Holy Priest), Boozahole (Mistweaver Monk)

Melee: Emrald (Feral Druid), Tigerstripe (Feral Druid), Ridgerock (Unholy Deathknight), Parsnip (Assassination Rogue), Wrighty (Fury Warrior), Winning (Retribution Paladin), Stagr (Enhancement Shaman)

Ranged: Kalorie (Shadow Priest), Tyrals (Fire Mage), Ñáth (Destruction Warlock), Chutnie (Arcane/Fire Mage), Adastrasza (Balance Druid), Silentkiller (Marksman Hunter), Ranker (Affliction Warlock),  Ullruen-Nagrand (Shadow Priest)

Currently Away: Sophie (Elemental Shaman),Theadmiral (Demonology Warlock), Ashemmi (Affliction Warlock), Aliysza (Elemental Shaman), Ancalagonn (Frost Deathknight), Katana (Fury Warrior), Lilskwlgirl (Restoration Shaman)

Standby (to cover those "Real Life" moments)

Tanks:  Emrald (Guardian Druid), Ridgerock (Blood Deathknight), Tigerstripe (Guardian Druid)

Heals: Adrastrasza (Restoration Shaman), Kalorie (Holy Priest), Stagr (Restoration Shaman)


Ranged: Rimmer (Balance Druid)

Applications for membership of a raid group are to be made via whisper or mail in-game, or contact Emrald (Raid Leader) or Faythe (Guild Master).

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