• 1. Act in a manner that will reflect positively on the guild & its leadership.

  • 2. Treat all as you would like to be treated.

  • 3. No griefing of any kind (in & out of guild).

  • 4. Keep all drama to a minimum.

Disciplinary action will be taken against guild members found to have violated this Code.


We use the in-game guild ranks in accordance with either the member's guild reputation or guild role (primary guild-related activity) - there really is no hierarchial structure, other than the officers.

Officers are drawn from the remaining active founding members of the Guild, whose role is Ascended, and from guild members who hold primary leadership roles or who have applied and been accepted. The officers' role is Immortal. These roles join together to form a Guild Council. Only the Guild Master or a member of the Council can change a guild member's role.

The role of Vanquisher - means that this member can access to the Guild Bank Tabs that have been set aside to support the Guild's raiding progression, there is also a higher Repair Allowance.


1. EMINENCE: Guild Master

2. BIRDCAGE: Members who have so endeared themselves to our GM, that they don't get removed - ever!

3. ASCENDED: Founding members

3. IMMORTAL: Officer members, Raid Leader and Deputies, PVP Leader

4. CATMANDER: Raid Leader

5. RAT PACK: Our Raiders

6. PONY CLUB: Members with an exalted reputation

6. DOG HOUSE: Members without an exalted reputation

7. CAT FLAP: Members who have just arrived, or who have been absent for more than 2 months, or have been demoted due to guild-rule infringement.



- Eminence, Ascended and Immortals, as the Guild Council, discuss administration matters re: structure, guild bank, permissions, loot-systems, etc. The Guild Coucil holds an actual in-game meeting on the first Saturday of every month or at other times as required.

- Any Council deliberations and decisions will be notified via the Guild's Website forums and a link to these will be made available on our Facebook Group Page and in our Discord Channel. All members are encouraged to discuss the changes via the website, Facebook, or in Discord.

- Major changes will be made permanent after a guild-wide consultation, either in-game or via the guild's Facebook or Website Members' Discussion Forum, where the Officers present the matter, there has been deliberation & only by majority vote.

- Guild member consultation & input is regularly sought, via our Guild's Chat, Website Forums, Facebook and on our Discord Channel. Contact the Guild Master or any member of the Guild Council if you feel there is an important matter to be better-managed by the guild.

- We seek to be collaborative and democratic, the main aim is for active members to find support and enjoyment in playing the game - in the company of other like-minded people.

- The Guild Master may make decisions from time to time; however, these more "on-the-fly" will always be reflected upon by the Council and further Council "tweaks" may occur.


Roles are tied to guild reputation and guild activity, which is tied to guild-life participation. As such, more time and effort will naturally lead your toon to enter the Pony Club and if you are raiding on a regular basis and abide by our Raiding Rules then you will be a a member of the Rat Pack. What follows is (hopefully) a better explanation of these roles and how they are used within the guild.

-> Bird Cage is where inactive players may be "parked-safely", this is entirely at the discretion of the Guild Master.

-> Ascended is the founder's role. Active players of this role hold the position of an officer.

-> Immortal is the Officer role. Members are moved into this role by the Eminence. Immortal members are dedicated to preserve the quality of guild-life. To remain as an Immortal requires the member to be actively playing the game, supporting the game-play of members and being present at progression encounters (Real Life permitting). Immortal members are representative of the diversity in the Guild, there is no set archetype. We look for members who are committed to working at improving our Guild's quality of life.

At the commencement of Legion, the Immortal Role holds the Raid Leader and Deputies and PVP Leader in addition to existing officers who, due to past service to the guild hold a position of Guide and Counsel.

Applications from Pony Club Members are always welcome via the Guild's Website. Additions to the Officer Roles may be considered when a vacancy arises due to Real Life or Game-Fatigue (where an exisiting Officer wishes to take a break from this game to do something else (like play another game) for an extended period). Apply to be a Guild Officer through this link

-> Rat Pack is the raider's role. To be a member of the Rat Pak requires a guild member to take on the commitment to a steady place within the raid team working at Progression Raids. The membership is to better equip the player to take on that responsibility. The appointed Catmander [Raid Leader] must approve a character's move into the Rat Pack. To facilitate that, the Catmander's character that holds an Officer role. The decision-making for this is supported by the other Immortal, Ascended players and the Eminence in their Guild Council role (this is managed through the Officer's Chat).

Where players cease their commitment to raiding or raiding in accordance with our Raid Rules, that player's character will be returned to the role that is aligned with their Guild reputation. Players can freely move in and out of this role depending upon their availability or degree of participation. We encourage and prefer to have open communication. If life is getting too busy - let us know and we can accommodate you.


-> Pony Club when a guild member reaches EXALTED guild reputation they will be moved into the Pony Club. There are greater Guild Bank priviledges.

-> Dog House moving a player into the Dog House happens when Faythe (GM) does her weekly guild administration (usually late on Saturday or Sunday sometime). Sometimes, if she is on at the time, it may happen immediately.

-> Cat Flap hthis is the first place a member reaches upon entry into the guild and will be the last place they land, once they have been inactive for a period greater than two months. It is also the place where members are "parked" for a Guild Rule Infringement by the GM.  Faythe (GM) manages this in her weekly guild administration (usually late on Saturday or Sunday sometime). Sometimes, if she is on at the time, it may happen immediately.

Role Changes:

  • from Dog House to Pony Club: when a member becomes exalted with the Guild
  • from any role into Rat Pack and out again: when a member steps into and out of raiding
  • from any role into Immortal and out again: when a member steps into and out of an Officer Role
    • If an Officer ceases their active leadership due to Real Life or Game-Fatigue and have been absent for periods greater than two month's without notice to the Council.
  • from any role to Cat Flap happens after an unexplained absence and non-active guild presence, or it would occur after any guild rule infraction as a disciplinary measure and only for a stipulated period of time.

Guild Kick:

- After serious guild infraction

- At THREE MONTHS of inactivity the inactive member will be removed.

- At TWELVE MONTHS of inactivity for founding members.


Guild Bank

1. The guild bank generously funds your repairs - not your other activities.

  • Access is for guild members only.
  • Removing items for your alts (not in the guild) is not permitte, with the exception of Tab 1: The Op Shop, which is deliberately set up in acknowledgement that from time to time you may need to just find stuff to sell for whatever reason. Anything you find in the first tab is there for you to freely use and/or remove.

2. The guild bank is organised to support your guild's needs.

TAB 1: The Op Shop: is for anyone to find items for sale or use or transfer (YES, you can sell this stuff and keep the revenue! No questions asked. "Go nuts!" As Ashemmi would say.)

TABS 2 - 5: Professions and Materials: general use as described on the tab.

TABS 6 - 7: Raiding materials, buffs, flasks and potions.

TAB 8 - Rewards (& our Guild's Annual Secret Santa): used to reward exceptional guild-life participation (donations of suitable rewards are always welcomed).

Guild Life

3. The guild seeks to be supportive and helpful of each other.

- No griefing of any kind (in & out of guild).

- No dramas

- No asking or begging for Gold (use Guild Bank Tab 1: The Op Shop).

4. The better a guild communicates... the better our guild-life and game experience.

- We accept that Real Life, for many, occurs outside of the game. Most of us have families, or are in families, and they often work, or are looking for work, or studying or involved in complex life circumstances. We seek to be as flexible as possible for players who see this game as fun and a distraction from their other life activities.

- As we are a casual raiding guild, we put the members before progression; as a result our progression is slower and we enjoy it more. We do not accept impatience.

- We do look to improve our game and class play - so constructive criticism is looked for. We do not accept boasting or useless criticism at the expense of others.

- We do understand that both real life and game life can get difficult or stressful. If you do find your anger or frustration getting the better of you, we expect that you will take a break. If we find that you're "venting your anger" a little too often or too long - an Officer will ask you to cool off. That will be considered a warning.

- No swearing in general conversation. We do have some children (aged below 14) playing at times, We also have some players who will be playing with their very young children in close proximity. SO the use of swear words as common forms of punctuation and adjectives is not acceptable. Keep it PG13+. If we find that your vocabulary is a too much like an "M15 movie" a little too often or too long - any player can, and will, politely ask you to tone down the language. If the warning goes unheeded and the GM is required to step in, the inappropriate language will be treated as a Guild Life Infraction.


If found to have broken these rules your toon/s will be placed into suspension role. You will be notified (via in-game mail) of that action, why and what you are to do about it.

Guild bank infractions:

Suspended until either: item is returned, or replaced with USEFUL items of similar value, or paid in gold the value all items misused to the Immortal, Ascended or Eminence ranked guild member who first notified you of the suspension via in-game mail.

Guild Life infractions:

One week suspension on first warning, Guild Kick on second related incident.


With Blizzards recently improved "Personal Loot" system. All organised dungeons and non-progression raids will use the "personal Loot" system.

We will utilise a Master Looter system - with the support of a Loot Council should that be deemed necesary by the group at the time.


We acknowledge the assistance of raiding guests (friends and PUG) and they are most welcome to roll on any loot, in accordance with the general loot rules.

The newly-revised Personal Loot system should enact our original intention that all guild raiders are to have received an upgrade BEFORE any raider receiving a second. So, we will be monitoring the Personal Loot system to ensure that it performs as expected.

Should specific and boss items be required for a player, the raid team and raid leader will ensure that this is openly discussed with the raid group PRIOR to engaging that boss, and only those decisions will engage the support of a Loot Council system. Should that item drop it will not be put up for general roll but transferred as agreed. In these rare instances, complainers will not be tolerated. Complainers will be removed from the raid team.


Tier Tokens and BoP.

- The Personal Loot system

- Should an item not be required and cannot benefit anyone, we encourage the use of a Disenchantment - to provide the necessary resources for Enchanting gear. The DE materials are to be returned to the Enchanter who is owed materials for past enchants or deposited, by the Enchanter, into the Guild Bank TAB 6 for use in future enchants.


- The Master Looter will call for a roll in the following cascade: Main > Regularly Utilised Off.

- The item must be equipped immediately.

- Should no-one require the BoE item, the Person who looted the item is free to sell the item or use it for one of their own toons.


- All present raiders may roll, highest roll wins.


These are accessible via our Resources Webpage.

If you want to enjoy the guild's social activities more, we recommend that you download and install Disord, which is a free voice-chat and multimedia chat application. There is a code for entry in to our Immortal Ascension Discord Channel in the in-Game Guild Information Tab. You can find out more about and download the Discord application at the following link:

If you want to participate in any scheduled raids all players must have the following Addons:

- A way to find out what's going on in raid mechanics, such as Deadly Boss Mods (All the relevant information is found at Deadly Boss Mods link)

- A warning system for all that's bad, such as GTFO,

- A Damage Meter, such as Details, Skada or Recount,

- A way to communicate with other members of your team, we use Discord. You must be able to hear what is going on, or if you can't hear - let us know and we will type out instruction for you to read and you need to be able to participate in the discussion, this is absolutely essential for raid progression. You do not have to have a working microphone.


We are, in principle, a casual raiding guild.

Member attendence determines if these activities run on the scheduled time (no members = no run. We EXPECT that you have, as a minimum the addons, described above, installed and fully updated and a working microphone and be able to participate in the discussion, this is absolutely essential for raid progression. Please click here to see our raiding webpage for more information.

We believe that raiding groups need to be a friendly team of like-minded individuals who make a SOLID commitment to turn up and work at the content in order to master it. Not getting FURTHER or FASTER in progression - is entirely due to RL taking the priority.

We acknowledge that towards the end of each expansion period, player engagement fades. For hard-core raiding guilds, they know this as 'burn-out', but it happens a lot earlier for those guilds. We rarely experience this phenomenon, due entirely to our more relaxed approach.

For current raid content, our members deal with time differences between Western Australia, Eastern Australia and New Zealand.

Raider Expectations

The raid team is expected to progress at a rate that works for each raider's Real Life situation and in a manner that facilitates the individual player's own goals. No complaining is tolerated. If we do not progress at the faster pace you are looking for - we suggest that you find an alternative guild. This is not seen as a failure - just a clash of the collective guild and and individual's own game philosophies. We wish you well and would welcome you back, should you discover that we were actually doing it all the right way wink

All raiders are expected to

1) Sign up to the raid, via the in-game calendar - with ACCEPT.

2) Should you opt to use use TENTATIVE, this does not hold your spot and you are not counted as being present. If you are not present at the commencement of the Raid - the spot will be lost and there is no argument accepted.

2) Sign up as ACCEPT, and if you think you may not be able to attend. Just notify the Raid Leader or the Raid Manager or the GM if you are going to be late or won't be able to make it. You can do this via in-game mail, in the IA Discord Raid Channel, the Guild's FaceBook page, or on our Guild's website Absent from raid forum (you need to register for the website for this option).

3) Be online between 30 and 15 mins prior to start time.

4) To participate fully in the raid for a minimum of 2 hours, or more or less by agreement or subsititution.

5) Raid team membership open to all guild members who:

- meet the MINIMUM iLevels as stated on the raid page.

- are raid ready with all gear with class and spec' appropriate enchants and gems, ask members for these expensive items. We have plenty of crafters who are willing to help you out for free!

- are able to perform your class in a manner that is notified in the Guild Calendar, should that be a specific requirement. Advice will be offered should aspects of your game-play not be as expected; we expect all raiders to take that sort of advice in the generous spirit that is offered and there is an expectation that others will be able to see improvement. If improvement is not visible across a reasonable period, you may need to relinquish your raid spot until we have assisted you in trouble-shooting (identifying and addressing) the issues.

- readily seek and offer constructive and polite advice on how individual and team game-play can be improved.

6) Members need to be prepared to work at:

- Mastering at least two different specialisations of their class, OR bring an alt to raid readiness,

- Build raid awareness and mastery over the raid mechanics.

- Complete all available levels of Looking For Raid PRIOR to the advertised Raid Group night.

- Accept suggestions about their class play from the Raid Leader and other experienced members of the team.

- Offer suggestions to others about their class play in a way that is RESPECTFUL.

- Participate actively in the discussion about the mechanics of the raid.

- Download and maintain required raiding Addons: DBM or Bigwigs, Details, Recount or Skada, GTFO.

- Download and install In-game communication: Discord (preferably with a working microphone - but not essential).

Applications for membership of a raid group to be made via whisper or in-game mail to the Raid Leader.

PVP? We are just beginning our entrance into PVP activities.

Battlemaster and Mercenaries.

We do have some dedicated PVP players who have joined IA to raid. However, they still love to PVP and if you're planning to come online and work through some BG's or Arenas - just let peeps know - and you will probably find you have some company for your fun!

Arena Teams.

We do currently have some players who participate in some Arena Teams. These are experienced Arena players within our guild, if this is your interest, please contact the IA Council and we will ensure that you are put in touch with those who will enjoy sharing their fun.

Rated Battleground Groups.

We have tried this on many occasions and we are not able to establish any committed Battleground Groups. We do have some members who are steadily working towards building a Rated Battleground team, so if this is your interest, we can assist. Speak to a Council member about what support and resources you might be able to contribute towards making your dreams and goals possible.








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