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IA needs TWO new officers - will you be one of them?

by <Faythe>, 9 days ago

IA - Ahead of the Curve ToS

Immortal Ascension invite applications for TWO (2) Officer vacancies. These wonderful members will hold an Immortal role. This is one of the ways that we can continue to improve our Guild-Life. As an Immortal Ascension Officer, you will help run what the Guild Master may not be able to multitask for Immortal Ascension. You will work directly under the Guild Master as a trusted and dedicated council member, one that she can depend on. For the most part, Immortal Ascension is a guild for mature-minded and mature-aged persons. We have a fairly even ratio of male to female players, so an Officer will need to feel comfortable in talking respectfully with a range of ages, and all genders.

As an Officer, you will have council and guild-life duties to perform for Immortal Ascension. This can be as simple as: Role Administration, running Gearing Raids, running Fun Events, or Member Liaison (welcoming new members and helping them settle in).

How to behave as a Officer
• Officers should always be the members who lead by setting a good example, through reaching out to ALL the members to make them feel included.
• Faithfully maintain your assigned role or duties.
• You want to be approachable.
• Make sure people know they can talk to you about in-game concerns and issues.
• Being a helping hand is a big part of your duty. Accept and be willing to help others with dungeons or other things.
• Always act in a respectable manner towards our members, other players, and other guilds.
• If you have concerns don't share them with the community, talk to your Guild Master. Spreading unrest can be unraveling.
• Be a open ear for ideas, you don’t have to accept them ... just listen.

To apply you need to register for the Website (Register HERE), then respond to our Application Post in the Member's Discussion Forum.

The decision to offer the Immortal Role will be after due consideration and discussion by the existing officers: Eminence, Ascended (active only), and Immortal members and where there is a need for what you can offer or there is a vacancy. Once a decision is made, there will be no further discussion as to the outcome. Should your application not be successful, you are welcome to apply for any further vacancies, should they become available.

Applications for these two Officer vacancies, will close Sunday 3 December 2017 at midnight.






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