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by <Faythe>, 141 days ago

First… Some Immortal Thankyous

As our exhausted Warlord Raiders will have stepped down from their role and Immortal Ascension wishes to commend and thank both Ashemmi/Eldros and Emrald/Juules for their deep commitment to ensuring that our guild’s many and varied players had the best chance possible at achieving those feats of strength “Ahead of the Curve”.

Also, quite specifically, to Kalorie/Slippryslope whose strategising has been nothing short of brilliant and also for his thousands of relentless hours of fishing, farming, cooking and enchanting.

Also to those (now please forgive me if I don’t put all of the character’s names in here, there are too many and if I miss someone that would be awful) who also kept us all in the materials necessary for being fully buffed and enchanted throughout the raids, it was ONLY due your farming, fishing and professional vision that meant we could keep doing what we set out to do.

Also, to all those who set about building alternate characters when we had too many melee, or too many ranged.

Without all of you - our guild and individual achievement points would be sadly lacking!

Legion Raiding

So what will Immortal Ascension be doing differently in Legion? Whilst the full information about these changes is available at this link: Immortal Ascension Legion Raiding (Google Docs). Here are our the main ideas:

Growing our Raid/Guild Leadership.

We have plans to have the guild making an assertive move into Legion Raiding, for this there needs to be an active raid leadership approach, one that offers players the opportunity to take on responsibility for real aspects of the game. We acknowledged that our shift from a core team of ten to a much larger group of twenty really stretched the more relaxed way in which we organised our Raid Leadership. So we have developed a new leadership focus for our guild and offer an opportunity for players to have some genuine managing and team-building experience.

An expanded, fair and equitable Legion raid structure.

Our growth from a ten-player to a twenty-player raid team has met with some significant issues that really stretched our raid leadership structure. There were more than a few times when the grumbling landed on just one person - this was quite an unfair and it is clearly NOT something that is to continue into Legion. For Legion, there needs to be changes to the way in which we organise our raiding-environment. We are expanding that Raid Leadership to be:

1. Raid Commander (THIS IS THE LINK TO THE IA Raid Commander Information and Applications APPLICATIONS WILL CLOSE MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY 15 SEPTEMBER 2016)
2. Deputies:

a) Deputy Tank
b) Deputy Healer
c) Deputy DPS - to split into Deputy Ranged and Deputy Melee when we reach a stable raid group of 20.

No more alt-swaps.

With the Legion changes to each class now giving access to different specialisations, Vanquishers are encouraged to play and master their off-spec instead of their alternate characters.

IA will recruit for any class vacancies.

These will be recruited from within the guild first and then, failing that, from players that will become newly recruited into the guild (not friends from other guilds - unless we have made a guild-to-guild allegiance.

Scaling raid opportunity to players.

It is important to be offering challenging interest to those members whose Real Life is that they will be able to hit the new expansion hard. It is IA’s plan is to gather a first-wave team of at least ten Vanquishers.

1. This first-wave team of Vanquishers will have geared their raiding characters and be competently managing their new class mechanics and will form a stable nucleolus. The team will have applied and have been accepted into the Vanquisher role, just like everyone else - but they get to do that first and cut the path for those members whose Real Lives (outside the game) just makes it impossible to be into the raiding that fast.

2. From that point, we plan to add to the Vanquisher role, as players become available and ONLY as we are able to maintain the one healer per group of five ratio. After all, our Immortal Ascension mantra is that Real Life comes first.

This should be of support to those members whose real life is Azeroth and those whose real lie is outside of Azeroth - due to whatever real-life-stage they currently occupy.

Loot Rule Changes.

As always, some loot seems to be a very vexatious issue for our members, we see that this is usually due to so many players all chasing the same items. The council has agreed that as we commence Legion Raiding we will be using the newly-improved Personal Loot System. Then, when we reach mythic, should we believe that it is necessary, to introduce a Loot Council for items that are going to be hotly contended.

DISCORD - Our new guild communication system.

This is an all-in-one voice and text chat that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. We will stop paying for our Ventrilo server. We thank all those who assisted our guild's voice communication system - your generosity made our lives simply far more interesting, effective and better. It is expected that this new approach will greatly simplify our Azeroth life. The Typefrag server will stay open - but will be greatly reduced and is available for all our members to use until its funds run out.

To get started on this new guild communication system, you will need to download the app - so that all of the features will be available to you. For all the information about how good this set up is, go to:

To connect with everyone, both in and out of the game), you will need the invitation code for our Guild's server. You can find this in the Information Tab on your IA Guild Window (the component of the default WoW User Interface).

Looking forward to hearing from you about your adventures (and receiving some applications for all our exciting new leadership positions).















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